Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Nephew's Cake

So I did create my nephew's cake. It was a success! I learned a lot through these first few that I have created one for my daughter and one for my nephew I can't figure out how to advertise and make more cakes. I don't want to make them without a birthday party for what do I to advertise? I hope I will figure all this out eventually. Anyway, here is the firetruck for my nephew. Let me know what you think.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Start of My Cake Journey.

I just started this cake journey. I don't excel in art. I never took courses in high school or college. It was just always something that I was interested in. I doodled and always thought about how I would love to become an artist. Then reality set in, let's face it I was no Monet, maybe Picaso. I wasn't bad at drawing, but I had no practice or training. Of course, I also wanted to be a singer and now could kill my family for ever letting me step in front of the church to sing. The old people were probably happy that they had a hearing aid they could turn off. As for the rest of the church, all I can say is that I am so sorry you had to sit through that. So I got a job as a teacher. I love it, but these days they are burning teachers out so fast HR can't keep up.

As you can see, my family tells me my cakes are great. My family also told me I was a wonderful singer and let me step on a stage month after month. I trust them, I just would like some back-up from an un-biased audience. So now, I am letting society tell me what they think of my cakes.

I made my first cake for my daughters 2nd birthday. I love frogs and made the theme of her room frogs. So I figured while I still had control of birthday themes we were going to have a frog birthday. I made a 3-D Frog on top of a lilly pad that looked like it was sitting on a pond.

This year I am trying to make a firetruck cake for my nephew. I have made a practice cake using marshmallow fondant. A recipe I found on You Tube. Which is really easy. However, I needed to practice coloring the icing. I have finally figured out how to do that. Unfortunately, the truck came out pink. I will update this photo when I make the "real" cake for his birthday.

I had a friend ask me to make a Thomas the Train cake for her son's birthday this weekend. If I do make this cake I will post pictures of it for all to see.....and comment. ;-)

Best of luck to all those cake decorators out there!

If you live in Raleigh, NC and you are interested in my cakes please email me. I am interested in making cakes for the cost of the supplies. You have to live near by to pick up your cake or for delivery.